Volume 7, Issue 4, Oct - Dec 2018, pp.284 - 372

Screening for Lotus creticus growth promoting rhizobacteria under greenhouse conditions

Imane Achkouk, Saida Aarab, Amin Laglaoui, Mohammed Bakkali, Abdelhay Arakrak

Volume 7, Issue 4, Oct 2018, Pages 284 - 291 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.436181

Characterization and classification of soils of Wolkite University research sites, Ethiopia

Teshome Yitbarek, Abdeta Jembere, Habtamu Kerebeh

Volume 7, Issue 4, Oct 2018, Pages 292 - 299 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.436186

Theoretical and practical aspects of basic soil treatment in the conditions of modern soil management systems in Russia

Alexey Belenkov, Mikhail Mazirov, Valeria Arefieva

Volume 7, Issue 4, Oct 2018, Pages 300 - 307 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.448593

Scaling of infiltration rate using the similar media theory and dimensional analysis

Henry Oppong Tuffour, Mensah Bonsu, Awudu Abubakari, Janvier Bigabwa Bashagaluke, Murphy Acheampong Opoku, Jimmy Clifford Oppong

Volume 7, Issue 4, Oct 2018, Pages 308 - 317 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.450299

Dynamics of earthworm species at different depths of orchard soil receiving organic or chemical fertilizer amendments

Mojtaba Yahyaabadi , Amir Hossein Hamidian, Sohrab Ashrafi

Volume 7, Issue 4, Oct 2018, Pages 318 - 325 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.454506

Relation of reactive solute-transport parameters to basic soil properties

Md. Abdul Mojid, A.B.M. Zahid Hossain , Guido C. L. Wyseure

Volume 7, Issue 4, Oct 2018, Pages 326 - 336 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.454512

Assessing soil quality issues for crop production function based on farmers’ perception: An experience from Itapaji Watershed in Southwestern Nigeria

Olateju Dolapo Adeyolanu, Kayode Stephen Are, Ayodele Olumide Adelana, Gabriel Akinboye Oluwatosin, Oluwabunmi Aderonke Denton, Olufunmilayo Titilayo Ande, Olugbenga Egbetokun, Lucia Ogunsumi, James Alabi Adediran

Volume 7, Issue 4, Oct 2018, Pages 337 - 345 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.445128

Morphological, mineralogical and geochemical features of topomorphic vertisols used for sorghum production in North Cameroon

Simon Djakba Basga, Jean Pierre Temga, Désiré Tsozué, Nicodème Danbé, Jean Pierre Nguetnkam

Volume 7, Issue 4, Oct 2018, Pages 346 - 354 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.460841

Spatial variability pattern and mapping of selected soil properties in hilly areas of Hindukush range northern, Pakistan

Munir Ahmad, Dost Muhammad, Maria Mussarat, Muhammad Naseer, Muhammad A. Khan, Abid A. Khan, Muhammad Izhar Shafi

Volume 7, Issue 4, Oct 2018, Pages 355 - 364 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.466424

An investigation of mercury distribution in the soils around gold mining area at Dar-Mali locality, river Nile State, Sudan

Mushtaha Ali, Abdalla Elhagwa, Jamal Elfaki

Volume 7, Issue 4, Oct 2018, Pages 365 - 372 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.467595