Volume 5, Issue 1, Jan - Mar 2016, pp.1 - 83

Adsorption and desorption characteristics of chlorosulfuron in selected minerals and Pakistani soils

Khuram Shahzad Ahmad, Naghmana Rashid, Sundus Azhar

Volume 5, Issue 1, Jan 2016, Pages 1 - 12 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.2016.1.001-012

Lithium adsorption on amorphous aluminum hydroxides and gibbsite

Konstantinos P. Prodromou

Volume 5, Issue 1, Jan 2016, Pages 13 - 16 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.2016.1.013-016

Changes of C and N stocks in the subtropical Dianchi lake watershed in southwest China due to LUCC

Mingli Zhang, Hao Yang, Biao Xie, Panpan Sun, Jing Li, Jun Zou, Yanhua Wang

Volume 5, Issue 1, Jan 2016, Pages 17 - 23 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.2016.1.017-023

Conservation agriculture increases soil organic carbon and residual water content in upland crop production systems

Victor B. Ella, Manuel R. Reyes, Agustin Mercado, Jr., Adrian Ares, Rafael Padre

Volume 5, Issue 1, Jan 2016, Pages 24 - 29 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.2016.1.024-029

Predicting saturated hydraulic conductivity using soil morphological properties

Gülay Karahan, Sabit Erşahin

Volume 5, Issue 1, Jan 2016, Pages 30 - 38 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.2016.1.030-038

Seed germination and seedling growth of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) as influenced by magnetized saline water

Fateme Aghamir, Hosseinali Bahrami, Mohammad Jafar Malakouti, Saeid Eshghi, Foroud Sharifi

Volume 5, Issue 1, Jan 2016, Pages 39 - 46 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.2016.1.039-046

Response of earthworm’s biomass and soil properties in different afforested type areas in the North Iran

Mahmoud Radaei, Masomeh Izadi

Volume 5, Issue 1, Jan 2016, Pages 47 - 52 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.2016.1.047-052

Growth and yield response of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) to tillage and row spacing in maize-wheat cropping system in semi-arid region

Shafaqat Ali, Muhammad Shahid Ibin-i Zamir , Mujahid Farid, Muhammad Ahsan Farooq, Muhammad Rizwan, Rehan Ahmad, Fakhir Hannan

Volume 5, Issue 1, Jan 2016, Pages 53 - 61 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.2016.1.053-061

Comparison of kriging interpolation precision between grid sampling scheme and simple random sampling scheme for precision agriculture

Jiang Houlong, Wang Daibin, Xu Chen, Liu Shuduan, Wang Hongfeng, Yang Chao, Li Najia, Chen Yiyin, Geng Lina

Volume 5, Issue 1, Jan 2016, Pages 62 - 73 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.2016.1.062-073

The effect of zeolite and some plant residues on soil organic carbon changes in density and soluble fractions: Incubation study

Milad Mirzaei Aminiyan, Ali Akbar Safari Sinegani, Mohsen Sheklabadi

Volume 5, Issue 1, Jan 2016, Pages 74 - 83 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.2016.1.074-083