Volume 9, Issue 2, Apr - Jun 2020, pp.85-193

Isolation, characterization and screening of PGPR capable of providing relief in salinity stress

Hina Javed, Aneela Riaz, Amjad Qureshi, Komal Javed, Fakhir Mujeeb, Fraza Ijaz, Muhammad Saleem Akhtar, M. Asif Ali, Rehman Gul, Muhammad Aftab

Volume 9, Issue 2, Apr 2020, Pages 85 - 91 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.650546

Spatial variation of soil weathering processes in the tropical high reliefs of Cameroon (Central Africa)

Désiré Tsozué, Simon Djakba Basga, Aubin Nzeugang Nzeukou

Volume 9, Issue 2, Apr 2020, Pages 92 - 104 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.659830

Effect of potassium levels on teff (Eragrostis tef (Zucc.) Trotter) growth and yield in Central Highland Vertisols of Ethiopia

Mulugeta Demiss, Tekalign Mamo, Sheleme Beyene, Selamyihun Kidanu

Volume 9, Issue 2, Apr 2020, Pages 105 - 118 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.663486

Impact of No-Till on physicochemical properties of Vertisols in Chaouia region of Morocco

Rachid Aboutayeb, Brahim El Yousfi, Oussama El Gharras

Volume 9, Issue 2, Apr 2020, Pages 119 - 125 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.663502

Use of sewage sludge in agricultural soils: Useful or harmful

Sezai Delibacak, Lyudmila Voronina, Ekaterina Morachevskaya, Ali Rıza Ongun

Volume 9, Issue 2, Apr 2020, Pages 126 - 139 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.687052

Quantifying the role of chemical weathering rates on soil developed along an altitudinal transect in the mountainous environments, Turkey

Omar Alsalam, Cevdet Şeker, Mert Dedeoğlu

Volume 9, Issue 2, Apr 2020, Pages 140 - 150 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.689428

The evaluation of basal respiration and some chemical properties of soils under cover crop treatments in a cherry orchard

Zeynep Demir

Volume 9, Issue 2, Apr 2020, Pages 151- 164 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.706686

Accumulating capacity of herbaceous plants of the Asteraceae and Poaceae families under technogenic soil pollution with zinc and cadmium

Luydmila Iljina, Vishnu Rajput, Mahmoud Mazarji, Natalia Chernikova, Coskun Gülser, Rıdvan Kızılkaya, Dina Nevidomskaya, Anatolii Barahov, Svetlana Sushkova, Tatiana Minkina, Saglara Mandzhieva , Victor Chaplygin

Volume 9, Issue 2, Apr 2020, Pages 165-172 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.707659

Changes in selected soil properties across a chronosequence of exclosures in the central dry lowlands of Ethiopia

Kiros Meles Hadigu, Aster Gebrekirstos, Kibebew Kibret, Fikrey Tesfay

Volume 9, Issue 2, Apr 2020, Pages 173 - 185 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.707667

Efficiency of using the rangeland hydrology and erosion model for assessing the degradation of pastures and forage lands in Aydarly, Kazakhstan

Maira Kussainova, Kenneth E. Spaeth, Ermekkul Zhaparkulova

Volume 9, Issue 2, Apr 2020, Pages 186 - 193 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.708898