Volume 6, Issue 3, Jul - Sep 2017, pp.189 - 294

Comparative potential of Rhizobium species for the growth promotion of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Sana Ullah, M.Amjad Qureshi, M. Asif Ali, Fakhar Mujeeb, Sanaullah Yasin

Volume 6, Issue 3, Jun 2017, Pages 189-196 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.286694

Spatial distribution of heavy metals density in cultivated soils of Central and East Parts of Black Sea Region in Turkey

Mehmet Arif Ozyazici, Orhan Dengiz, Gulen Ozyazici

Volume 6, Issue 3, Jun 2017, Pages 197-205 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.287976

Estimation of Soil loss by USLE Model using GIS and Remote Sensing techniques: A case study of Muhuri River Basin, Tripura, India

Amit Bera

Volume 6, Issue 3, Jun 2017, Pages 206-215 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.288350

Sodium-resistant plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria isolated from a halophyte, Salsola grandis, in saline-alkaline soils of Turkey

Ryota Kataoka, Esra Güneri, Oguz Can Turgay , Ahmet Emre Yaprak , Bahar Sevilir, Isa Başköse

Volume 6, Issue 3, Jun 2017, Pages 216-225 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.289460

Biochar amendment improves soil fertility and productivity of mulberry plant

Faruque Ahmed, Md. Shoriful Islam, Md.Toufiq Iqbal

Volume 6, Issue 3, Jun 2017, Pages 226-237 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.291945

Glyphosate, 1,1’- dimethyl-4,4’-bipyridinium dichloride and Atrazine induces changes in Soil organic carbon, bacterial and fungal communities in a tropical alfisol

Segun Oladele, Olatunde Ayodele

Volume 6, Issue 3, Jun 2017, Pages 238-248 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.292581

Effect of phosphorus solubilizing bacteria on some soil properties, wheat yield and nutrient contents

Ayten Namlı, Ahmad Mahmood, Bahar Sevilir, Emre Özkır

Volume 6, Issue 3, Jun 2017, Pages 249-258 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.293157

Depositional environments signatures, maturity and source weathering of Niger Delta sediments from an oil well in southeastern Delta State, Nigeria

Samuel Oluwaseun Oni, Akinade Shadrach Olatunji

Volume 6, Issue 3, Jun 2017, Pages 259-274 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.297245

Land suitability evaluation for irrigating wheat by Geopedological approach and Geographic Information System: A case study of Qazvin plain, Iran

Sayed Roholla Mousavi, Feraidon Sarmadian, Zohreh Alijani, Abass Taati

Volume 6, Issue 3, Jun 2017, Pages 275-284 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.297251

Assessment of heavy metals contamination in the Nile River water and adjacent sediments: A case study from Khartoum City and Nile River State, Sudan

Magboul M. Sulieman, Jamal T. Elfaki, Mutwakil M. Adam, Mohammed S. Dafalla, Sulieman H. Ali, Hager M. Ahmed, Mushtaha E. Ali

Volume 6, Issue 3, Jun 2017, Pages 285-294 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.298949