Volume 6, Issue 2, Apr - Jun 2017, pp.92 - 188

Modelling soil erosion risk in a mountainous watershed of Mid-Himalaya by integrating RUSLE model with GIS

Justin George Kalambukattu, Suresh Kumar

Volume 6, Issue 2, Apr 2017, Pages 92-105 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.286442

Persistence of myclobutanil and its impact on soil microbial biomass C and dehydrogenase enzyme activity in tea orchard soils

Dongdong Zhang , Yunli Wu , Xiaolin Zhang , Youfeng Zhu

Volume 6, Issue 2, Apr 2017, Pages 106-113 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.286539

Combining selective sequential extractions, X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy, and X-Ray Powder Diffraction for Cu (II) speciation in soil and mineral phases

Tatiana M. Minkina, Dina G. Nevidomskaya, Alexander V. Soldatov, David L. Pinskii, Fariz Mikailsoy, Victoria S. Tsitsuashvili, Tatiana V. Bauer, Victoria A. Shuvaeva

Volume 6, Issue 2, Apr 2017, Pages 114-120 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.286544

Effect of mulch types on nutrient composition, maize (Zea mays L.) yield and soil properties of a tropical Alfisol in Southwestern Nigeria

Matthew Awopegba, Segun Oladele, Moses Awodun

Volume 6, Issue 2, Apr 2017, Pages 121-133 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.286546

Investigation of soil structure in Uzungöl settlement area by Shallow Seismic Methods

Hakan Karslı, Gülseda Vanlı Şenkaya, Mustafa Şenkaya, Recep Güney

Volume 6, Issue 2, Apr 2017, Pages 134-143 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.286548

Response of fodder sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) to sewage sludge treatment and irrigation intervals in a dryland condition

Mamdouh Sharafeldin Abdalkarim Shashoug, Mubarak Abdelrahman Abdalla, Elsadig Agabna Elhadi, Fatoma Ali Mohamed Rezig

Volume 6, Issue 2, Apr 2017, Pages 144-153 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.286550

DTPA-extractable micronutrients: A geostatistical study from Ordu, Turkey

Ferhat Türkmen, Tayfun Aşkın, Ceyhan Tarakçıoğlu, Sezen Kulaç, Selahattin Aygün

Volume 6, Issue 2, Apr 2017, Pages 154-160 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.286626

Polluted soil leaching: unsaturated conditions and flow rate effects

Chourouk Mathlouthi, Mariem Kacem, Zyed Mesticou, Philippe Dubujet

Volume 6, Issue 2, Apr 2017, Pages 161-167 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.286629

Genesis and classification of soils developed on gabbro in the high reliefs of Maroua region, North Cameroon

Désiré Tsozué, Aubin Nzeugang Nzeukou, Primus Tamfuh Azinwi

Volume 6, Issue 2, Apr 2017, Pages 168-177 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.286631

Distribution, typology and assessment of degraded soils Piedmont Plains Zhetysu Ridge, Kazakhstan

Maira Kussainova, Konstantin Pachikin, Olga Erokhina

Volume 6, Issue 2, Apr 2017, Pages 178-188 , DOI: 10.18393/ejss.286636